Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Beach 5s 14/3/13

 On the soft sand at Ocean Beach was a tent  for the spectators. On field A we played the first game against Mahora we won that 9-0 I like how I did one really good tackle the sand was really hard to run in. Next we played Parkvale B we only won by 1 try the score was 3-2  Parkvale B put up a really hard fight for us to win I keep running as hard as I could but I still got taken down. I found the sand a bit easier because I had gotten used to it. Parkvale A made it into the tournament in the tournament was Parkvale A, Flaxmere, Maranui and Peterhead we all played really well with our skills that we all had like tackling, passing, steeping, running and tries. In the end we came out with an outcome of third placed. First was Flaxmere, second was Peterhead and Maraenui came fourth.
Here is a photo of our Parkvale A and B.

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  1. Hi Crighton
    I really enjoyed reading your story. You have included alot of information that sets the scene well for the reader. I thought you played excellent rugby as you were always hunting and securing the rugby ball in each game. Well done.


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