Friday, 22 March 2013

When I have used the most beans(energy)


”In formation” I say to the team as we get to the field in time with the fresh smell of the lemon grass at Havelock Park going up my nostrils. The whistle blows, the game begins.
                                                                                                                                             In my arms. I catch the ball it hits hard into my chest. “Oh” I say.
“Run it up the guts” I hear so in I go head down SMACK!!! I hear everyone say “ohh” It didn't even hurt a bit. Down I came from nine players. ” Blow over” I yell  to the forwards they go over. Halfback Jiara whizzes it out to the back as fast as lightning. It  almost looks like it was so fast that it just was coring through the air.

I see that on the scoreboard that we have seven tries “ 7 tries in a row yes”. I have to chase down 3 try saving tackles but one slips out so theyscore. We score another 4 tries “yes yes” we all yell. I call out  to Jiara to pass out to the wing where I was waiting for the ball he passes it then with the forwards help they drive me over the line. I go to ground I hear the whistle “try” says the ref. I’m so pleased
All the hard work payed off. “ Yes force yes we win” 12-0. Now down we go back home. Now dad and I hope on our bikes to go home” what a day dad what a day”.

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