Monday, 8 April 2013

My rugby ball

This is my Voki that I made on
It is about what's special to me which is my rugby ball the poem goes like this...

I have always liked rugby thats why
Well I just got this rugby ball
It had some stitches
on every quarter
It was all different colors
red, yellow and much much more
it has never been kick
and never will

it will stay in my room

thats because it is precise to me

I love the sport
that is rugby

I got this ball from my first rugby game
It was the warriors VS  the storms
It was an awesome  game that's why I like it

GO RUGBY ball!!


  1. How cool are you grandson.Nanni is enjoying this.I am not sure what the profile thing is that i have to select so i am just being anonymus.Love your work.Wish I was your rugby ball in your room right now.

  2. Wow Crighton!
    I like your poem and you have added a Voki with it to.
    Well done;-)


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