Thursday, 20 June 2013


“The pancakes are burning!” I yell as we are doing brunch in master chef. “Come on guys quickly flip the pancakes before they turn to black dust,". I run and get a tea towel and push the smoke away “few,” . I cook another five and while I am doing that my other teammates in my group are plating up it looks scrumptious so far but we just have to wait to see the end result. First to plate we place pancakes in a tower and maple syrup and sugar in between but we can't forget about the peaches on the outside and top. I think that my group (the tigers) work great as a team we show teamwork in everything and we presented a great dish.

This is my groups breakfast
I am proud of my group.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

How To Do Place Value for subtraction

This is my explain everything  of  how to do the math strategies place value

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


listen to ‘Caving’ on Audioboo this is to go with the story.

“Woah what was that,” I say as a rock comes tumbling down. I take a big breath and see what it was “oh is that it,”. I continue walking through the icky sticky mud “Ow,”. I see the next cave “oh o,” this one is what you call a tight squeeze. We are here. I’m down on my hands and knees i’m doing a commando crawl “am I in the army?” I say. “pop”, Out comes my head I get my leg up and over “I’M FREE” I call. Now  we go to an overhanging ledge and start singing some songs. We are at the final cave. We creep through the down fall in the cave. I hear a movement in the dark  “A weta I see a weta” I say to Emma in front of me Emma screams “It’s okay” I say and continue creeping. Mr m warns us “A puddle” It is no matter to me I am A ninja warrior on the spider wall(well thats what I like to think) and then when i’m inches away SPLASH! “oh” that's just not cool, my shoes get soaked.

Friday, 14 June 2013

My Kereru Art

This is my Kuku art from the book "AS KUKU SLEPT"
This is based on one page from the book page it is when Kingi and Queenie were attacking  the possums.

This is a photo of two Kereru that we saw on camp.
Native bird to New Zealand
Pest to New Zealand
Spread easy
It can fly the distance of 50 KM
Eat birds, Fruit, eggs, chicks
Eat native seeds whole and poop them out to spread and help our native trees grow
All females have at least one baby a year
They lay one egg per nest
70 million possums in New Zealand
Eat 60-70 native berries
Raid the nest of Kereru

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Touching the kiwi

This is a my writing about touching the kiwi on day one of camp at the kiwi encounter. We all got to touch the kiwi.

We walk into a shelter disguised as a marae. A lady comes and calmly collects a brown baby kiwi out of the box.  We all are quiet. When the kiwi comes to me I pat it but then... it clicks, I jump back. I pat the kiwi again then it clicks once more. I think in my head “third is always the best” so I pat it once more then it, it doesn't click  (did you know that a kiwis feathers are quite rough?). I ask the lady “why does it click?”
She said “it is sacred and the kiwi is just trying to scare us” (It was almost working on me).
It makes this noise by rubbing its beak together, it sounds a bit like an electric fence. The lady continues letting room 16 pat the kiwi, and the kiwi continues clicking away. Everyone had a pat so the lady put the kiwi back in the box.
It is totally AWESOME!

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