Tuesday, 18 June 2013


listen to ‘Caving’ on Audioboo this is to go with the story.

“Woah what was that,” I say as a rock comes tumbling down. I take a big breath and see what it was “oh is that it,”. I continue walking through the icky sticky mud “Ow,”. I see the next cave “oh o,” this one is what you call a tight squeeze. We are here. I’m down on my hands and knees i’m doing a commando crawl “am I in the army?” I say. “pop”, Out comes my head I get my leg up and over “I’M FREE” I call. Now  we go to an overhanging ledge and start singing some songs. We are at the final cave. We creep through the down fall in the cave. I hear a movement in the dark  “A weta I see a weta” I say to Emma in front of me Emma screams “It’s okay” I say and continue creeping. Mr m warns us “A puddle” It is no matter to me I am A ninja warrior on the spider wall(well thats what I like to think) and then when i’m inches away SPLASH! “oh” that's just not cool, my shoes get soaked.

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