Friday, 14 June 2013

My Kereru Art

This is my Kuku art from the book "AS KUKU SLEPT"
This is based on one page from the book page it is when Kingi and Queenie were attacking  the possums.

This is a photo of two Kereru that we saw on camp.
Native bird to New Zealand
Pest to New Zealand
Spread easy
It can fly the distance of 50 KM
Eat birds, Fruit, eggs, chicks
Eat native seeds whole and poop them out to spread and help our native trees grow
All females have at least one baby a year
They lay one egg per nest
70 million possums in New Zealand
Eat 60-70 native berries
Raid the nest of Kereru


  1. Awesome post Crighton. You wrote so little but so MUCH info. I didn't even now that there were 70 MILLION possums in New Zealand until I read this post. Great work Crighton!

  2. That is a great fact about Kereru and possum fact good work you doing a great job on your bloggers keep it up.

  3. Wow Crighton!
    Your facts are great.
    I like how you have done a table with it.
    Your Kereru art is awesome.
    All the colors stand out.
    Well done:-)


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