Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Touching the kiwi

This is a my writing about touching the kiwi on day one of camp at the kiwi encounter. We all got to touch the kiwi.

We walk into a shelter disguised as a marae. A lady comes and calmly collects a brown baby kiwi out of the box.  We all are quiet. When the kiwi comes to me I pat it but then... it clicks, I jump back. I pat the kiwi again then it clicks once more. I think in my head “third is always the best” so I pat it once more then it, it doesn't click  (did you know that a kiwis feathers are quite rough?). I ask the lady “why does it click?”
She said “it is sacred and the kiwi is just trying to scare us” (It was almost working on me).
It makes this noise by rubbing its beak together, it sounds a bit like an electric fence. The lady continues letting room 16 pat the kiwi, and the kiwi continues clicking away. Everyone had a pat so the lady put the kiwi back in the box.
It is totally AWESOME!


  1. Cool Crighton!
    you guys are so lucky that you got to see and touch a Kiwi I would of like to see one to like you did.

  2. You have really described the moment well for the reader, Crighton.

    I like how you include a lot of your personality and talk to the reader. You did well making this piece present tense.

  3. Wow Crighton!
    Patting a Kiwi was nice wasn't it.
    I like how you have written verbs in your writing to.
    Well done:-)

  4. Wow Crighton!

    I love the humor in your story.
    It is really good that you put some cool facts about Kiwis.
    You have a great photo to go with your story.
    I just love reading story's that you make.
    Great work keep it up Crighton.

  5. I like how you put in (it was almost working on me cause thats one of the criteria, use your senses.

  6. I bet you did think it was awesome and I thought it was too and I like when you said it was continue clicking and it did.

  7. Awesome Crighton,
    I think it was awesome to pat the kiwi,
    I think you described it really well.

  8. Great work Crighton. Was that your first time touching a kiwi? I can tell you enjoyed the experience. You described the encounter really well. I can't wait for your day 2!

  9. Awesome Crighton!
    I love how you have put your personality in the story.
    I love the story.
    Well done:-)

  10. Good I like about the click that is great wow I am amazed you keep up the effete good job.


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