Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Blue duck (Whio)

Here is a link where I found these amazing facts on the Whio.

Whio  are outstanding birds. They are considered in the duck, goose, and swan family. Now I have been studying the Whio so I can tell you these amazing facts. So why do we get started.

Blue buck aka in te reo maori is Whio. They are called Whio because that is the sound that the males makes it is kinda like a fee-oi fee-oi. Whio can live  for about ten years and over.  Whio are also endemic to New Zealand (that means Only in New Zealand) This is the other sad thing there are only 2,000-3,000 left in the world and they all live in New Zealand.

Once the Whoi could be found in the ureweras, east cape and loads more places now you would be very lucky to see one (I think this is very sad). Whio adults territory is usually around 1.5 K.M. Whio only live in clean and fresh waters so that is a good way to tell if a swamp, river and oceans are clean.

Some threats to Whio can be possums and stoats because possum and stoat can hunt the Whio and kill.
Another threat to Whio are humans because humans are chopping trees, polluting the waters
if you want these awesome birds to survive spot doing this and just think how would you like to life in something dirty.

So if you want to see these amazing birds still in flight  keep our world, land and seas beautiful their natural  homes. I hope I have made you think about this bird and  allow its numbers to grow and not fade away into extinction.   


  1. Wow Crighton!
    Whoi are amazing birds.
    All you're facts really describe the blue duck.
    The website is a great website to look for facts about it.
    Your conclusion really tell that you are talking to the reader.
    Well done:)

  2. Awesome report Crighton,
    I like how you did it on a blue duck.
    Good writing.
    Keep it up.

  3. Awesome report about the blue duck.
    That is incredible keep it up.
    Also you were right.

  4. Excellent report on a very special animal, Crighton.

    I wish we saw whio at Waikaremoana. I like how they live on the rough waters.


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