Monday, 1 July 2013

Camp reflection

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was to get along more with others in the class not just my friends

I achieved this because I know more about people in the class.

Something I was pleased with was completing all the walks and doing the confidence course 7 times
because I could feel myself pushing.
I really enjoyed learning about the history of camp kaitawa. e.g Michael noonan, lake waikaremoana, and heaps more
Because now I have more knowledge.
Something I found hard was finding the right opinion in my group (The tigers)
Something that made me think was  should I get up now or later in the morning because if it was a big day I would stay in and if it was just a walk I would get up              
· My top 5 favorite things about camp were:

Favorite Things
Reason Why
1. Confidence course
It made me push myself to the limits
2. Waterfall
It felt like I was home with the loud noise
3. Rata tree
I love climbing stuff so climbing the Rata tree was awesome
5. working as a team
Because I Learn more about my group (the tigers)
This is my favorite photo because it looks like I am a survivor coming out of the cave in the early days.


  1. Wow Crihton, that was an amazing camp reflection!
    You were great at camp, and you did push to the limits by doing the confidence course 7 times and flipping over the climbing ropes.
    That was great:)
    Well Done!!!

  2. The part I thought was funny is that you put food in your favorite part of camp. But I also like the way how you pronounced your reflection. And I like the way you were getting along with your camp knowledge. Well done:)

  3. Great Job, Crighton
    You did a great job guiding the tigers!
    I agree with imaan, you did push yourself to the limits my doing the cnfidence course 7 times and flipping over the climbing ropes.
    That was awesome!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.


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