Saturday, 31 August 2013

5 Sentence Story

This is my five sentence story.
There where five words that the sentences had to start with:Quick, Stand, Out, Safety, Embarrassed.
Here is a recording that  I made on sock puppets:

“Quick!” yells my coach from the sideline.
“Stand still then step,” is the next thing I hear, but instead I go straight up the guts. Out my head comes through the whole other team. Safely my arms and legs come through. Embarrassed as I walk away from putting the ball down on the dead ball line “NOOOO, Why me?".


  1. I like how you go straight up the guts. Short and effective writing!

  2. Wow Crighton.
    What an awesome five sentence story but that doesn't sound like you putting the
    ball on the dead line.


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