Thursday, 29 August 2013

Letter to Ken Catran

This is a letter that I wrote to Ken Catran on his book Dead harry.

Dear Ken Catran

During the last few weeks my class room 16 and I have been reading a chapter a day, after every chapter we all couldn't wait till tomorrow to read the next. I am really amazed how someone can have such skills in writing. What I also like is how you always write in the action. This is a totally awesome book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone and I also think adults will enjoy it too.

My favourite character in the book was Sam because I can relate to some to the thing that I have done in my live. e.g like when I was trapped for a few minutes with no lights in the local library and I have a friend called Harry. I also like Sam because of his personality, COOL.

Now just for a few questions:
What got you inspired to be an author?
Is this based on a true story or anything?
How would you say I could create a great story line like you?

My favourite part of your book is when they were lock in the cupboard because it was well written and very dramatic I love how you thought of the reader reading it.

For all of this I would like to say a big thank you and can’t wait to see if you wright a part 2 of dead harry.
Yours sincerely Crighton Murphy :)

p.s I have a blog at and I would love to get a comment from you.

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