Thursday, 8 August 2013

Two Wildebeest And A Crocodile

Today we had to write about a writing prompt It was a video on two wildebeest and a crocodile.

This is my writing:
Two wildebeest are creeping up to the river front on a gloomy morning. Wildebeest One spots something suspicious in the river “Ahh its its a crocodile!” yelled Wildebeest One.
“Oh I get it it’s early in the morning and you're trying to scare me, you can clearly see its a log,” said Wildebeest Two.
“Oh yeah watch this,” Wildebeest One thinks that it is a Crocodile and throws a rock at it. It  doesn't move. “See I told you” says Wildebeest Two and by saying that it got wildebeest so furious it made him jump up and down. Then he couldn't control himself and jumped straight onto the back of the crocodile or was it the top of a log. Wildebeest to looked away for a split second to say hello to Wildebeest Three he turn back and guess what he say on top of the river water... Thats right bones surrounded by blood.
And from that day on all the wildebeest decided to never argue near around or by this river ever again.

Here is the video that I was inspired by:


  1. Great writing crighton!
    I really like the descriptive words you put in there like "bones surrounded by blood"

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.

    1. Thanks for the comment Teva.


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