Thursday, 24 October 2013


This is part two of my other story

In his room he laid tired and bored, thinking to himself “what can do?”.
“I wonder what hes doing?” I say. He must be wishing he never blew up the oven now.
“ahh the window!” says Fred, he flies out the window. “We oh we oh” “what's that?”  
“It’s that annoying little dragon, making a hazard in the town!” says mum. Fred is blowing fire all round the town and the fire services can't keep up and in a few days the town was destroyed. “mum what do you think it will be like if we didn't have a dragon?” I question mum.

“Well, it would be quite safe and we’ll do more things as a family” she replies
“well in that case I think I might be able to give him up” I say sadly.

We arrive at the pet shop after we had a challenge of finding Fred. the lady takes him  into a room and we say our goodbyes. I get a tear in my eye.
My dragon is gone, I cry for for the next week but then I get over it.

1 comment:

  1. Nice work there it is amazing.
    It was funny when it burnt the town.
    Keep the great work up.("


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