Monday, 28 October 2013

What is air?

What is air?
What causes air to move as wind?

This is our experiment to prove that AIR EXISTS.

EQUIPMENT: Big container filled with h2o
                      A jar
                      Paper towel

My prediction: I think it could stay dry because the air bubble, like a shield protecting  it from the water.

Explain: My prediction was pretty close I said the air would create a shield and it did Mr M called it a air bubble. The air let it stay dry. Just like a hair dryer the air drys it.

Observe: The paper towel stayed dry it looked like when it went down nothing wanted to touch it.  AIR

  1. Scranch up paper and place it into the jar
  2. Place jar reasonably quick straight upside down into big container of h2o
  3. Pull straight out and wa-la  the paper towel is dry

1 comment:

  1. Awesome Crighton,
    I love the report you did on the What is air
    experiment. I had loads of fun doing that experiment.


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